How Our Company Works

How our Company Works

We put our Skills to work for you, every step of the way.

Cost Effective Technology can help you find competitive, high quality solutions to your castings and other custom component needs. We work with many different casting processes, including: sand castings, die castings, miniature die castings, investment castings, permanent mold castings, graphite mold castings, plaster castings, V-process castings. We also have quality manufacturers for: plastic injection molding, plastic vacuum forming, plastic extrusions, precision machining, short run stamping, progressive die stamping, wire forming, and springs.

We work closely to develop a strategy, Product development, Design and Patterns. We simplify the process, and handle all the details for you. You can be as involved as you want to be - or - we can deliver a turn key product.

Specializing in Prototyping or Production quantities.

If you have a need for precision castings made with:

Aluminum Castings
Brass Castings
Bronze Castings
Berillium Copper Castings
Gray Iron Castings
Steel Castings
Zinc Castings
Ductile Iron Castings
Aluminum Extrusions
We have the solution to all your casting needs.
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